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Pieter de Rijk - Comedian Keynote Speaker.

A Proven Formula. 

Pieter de Rijk is one of the most frequently booked public speakers in the Netherlands, and has been for two decades. He is the winner of a prestigious Dutch prize for comedy, and a foreign language wiz.

Combining his talent for comedy and language, he has developed a highly successful and versatile comedy act that has him constantly touring the Netherlands, but that has also proven to work its magic in Germany, Austria, Spain, Belgium and the United States.

Keynote Speaker -With A Twist.

After consulting with the client, Pieter de Rijk takes on an alias and nationality, and is introduced as a keynote speaker with an impressive background in business or government, raising high expectations in the unsuspecting audience. He often poses as a German (speaking German and speaking English or Dutch with a German accent). But he just as convincingly impersonates an American, a Brit, a Frenchman, or even a Swede.

The audience has no idea the sleep-inducing start of the speech is a hoax, and the sudden change, when the boring CEO or government officialturns into the funniest keynote speaker they have ever heard, always takes them by surprise. Changing his tune but still in character, Pieter then gives his hilarious take on subjects such as globalization, international business, innovation, the information age, client focus, customer satisfaction, the job market and mobility.

Crash Course Europe.

Especially for the US he has developed a Crash Course ‘Europe’, which mocks the confusing tangle of cultures that is his home continent, while simultaneously enlightening the audience – somewhat, at least. The international angle ensures that participants of different nationalities are included.

Getting More Than What You See.

The surprising twist has the audience discussing the act long afterwards, making it a conversational topic that unites. So convincing is Pieters performance, that people often keep guessing at his identity. Was this a vice-president with a surprisingly developed sense of humor, or a comedy act? After a performance for Deutsche Bank, for instance, an audience member came over and said: ‘You shouldn’t have become a banker, you missed your calling as a comedian!’ It’s the best compliment one can wish for.

Unique Combination.

Pulling this off requires a unique combination of talents. This makes Pieter a popular speaker, both at home and abroad. With the Dell Breakfast Club he toured the Netherlands and Belgium, Deloitte & Touche booked him for a conference in Austria, and he performed for major banks in Germany and Spain. In 2013 he performed in Las Vegas, at the World Wide Sales Conference organized by EVault. In 2015 VDL invited him to give a speech at BMW Headquarters in Munich. This year he succesfully performed in Ystad, Sweden for an audience of Scandinavians, Poles and Germans at a Stena Line-conference.